May 10, 2015

How to Use Smileys in Texts

smileys are an amusing way to communicate and express emotion using shortened characters. Smileys are easy to incorporate into your list of text abbreviations either using an application or your phone's keypad.
Most smartphones have an application for emoticons, or textual representations of your mood. Emoticon applications generally use pictures instead of text messaging symbols, which may be animated or
static images. There is no wrong way to craft your smiley face text messages, but a variety of ways to be creative in sending common expressions.

1. Open the SMS text application on your phone. Tap the icon to start a new message. Type the recipient's name or phone number in the "To:" field.

2. Scroll down to the body of text to enter your message. You can begin or end your message with a smiley. The keyboard symbols ":", "-", ")" create a smiley face in your SMS message. However, you can also use variations such as ":", "0", ")" or ":", "o","D" to build your smiley faces. Smiley faces are appropriate when sending a joke to a friend, as an expression of happiness in your message or simply as a way to be silly.
3. Click the "Options" button in your SMS window to insert an emoticon into your message if your phone has this feature. Instead of using symbols, these smileys are pictures. To use an emoticon in your text message, download an emoticon application for smartphone. Often, applications are free if they are not already installed on your phone. Some application offerings go beyond smiley faces to represent other objects such as flowers, balloons, or stars. Emoticons are convenient because they can be tailored to the message you want to send given the wide range of smiley and objects available. When sending emoticons of this type, however, be sure that the recipient can view them.

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